Before you begin

You will need two things to take this course:

  1. A tarot deck
  2. A willingness to put aside a small amount of time each day for studying tarot

A tarot deck

If you’ve already got a tarot deck, you’re all set! You’ll be getting these cards out every day of this course, so go grab them now. Get them out in front of you. Shuffle them (it doesn’t matter if you can’t ‘shuffle neatly’). Enjoy holding them in your hands. If you have time, grab a cuppa and spend twenty minutes looking through them. Notice the images you like the most, pull these out and look closer. You’re not looking for anything in particular just now, you’re simply getting used to holding them in your hands. You’re going to get to know each of these complex and wonderful cards. For now – just enjoy their strangeness.

If you don’t yet have a deck, you’ll need one for this course, so it’s time to choose!

A wide range of independently-published tarot decks are available in the Little Red Tarot Shop, and hundreds of more mainstream decks can be found on the major bookseller websites. (If you’re in the UK, Hive is a great ethical option!)

Making time for A Card a Day

You don’t need lot of time to take this course – I designed it with busy people in mind – but you do need to take a disciplined approach to setting aside just five or more minutes each day to complete the daily lessons. This is not a fast course – I believe that little and often is the best way to get to know the 78 cards of the tarot deck.

Some of you will be able to do this ad-hoc, snatching a moment each day. But you may also find it helpful to create a simple routine to help you. Choose a moment that is common to every day – your morning coffee, a bus journey, the moment you get in from work, or just before bed, for example. Dedicate this time to your goal of learning tarot. Set an intention, to give yourself this small gift each day.

Be sure to keep your cards close at hand. If you will complete your lesson in the same place each day, keep your cards here, so they are ready when you are. Or keep them in your bag so you can get them out on the bus, or wherever.

Journalling this course

A journal might be a notebook, a diary, a blog, a pinboard…anywhere you record your tarot learning. Journalling is optional in this course, but prompts are included to help you dig deeper into each card when you choose to.

NOTE: The following links are available only to A Card a Day students.


NEXT: Tarot Basics

A primer for those totally new to the tarot, explaining what the tarot is, the structure of the deck, and how you might use tarot.

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