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A Card a Day is a daily email course

Learn tarot – one card at a time – in just a few minutes each day.

If you’ve just got a tarot deck and don’t know where to begin…

If you’re a busy person looking for a simple daily routine to teach you tarot…

If you’re struggling to ‘remember all the card meanings’…

If you’re taking the Alternative Tarot Course 
but want some card interpretations to lean on…

If you want a guide to the tarot that sidesteps gendered dualities…

If you love the Little Red Tarot blog and are one of the many people who’ve been asking for an ‘LRT guide’…

If you’re keen to establish a daily practice with your tarot cards...

This course is for you!

How does this course work?

You’ll get an email each day to teach you each of the tarot cards – one by one.

Some days you’ll have time to dive deep into the card, other days you might be short on time. Either way, every day, you’ll do little tarot practice and get to know another card’s meaning.

If you have just 5 minutes
Grab the card, and check out the card summary and keywords all via email.

If you have a little more time…
Grab the card, and check out the card summary and keywords all via email,

…then click through to the lesson and read an in-depth exploration of the card. Choose an optional journal prompt and delve further into the card. Explore other cards in the Library. Save or print your favourite card pages.

You’ll also get lifetime access to an entire library of tarot card meanings
so you can look up any card, at any time!

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Your questions

What equipment do I need to start this course?

Only a tarot deck, and a willingness to put aside five minutes (or more) each day to devote to learning tarot.

If you want to use the optional journal prompts to deepen your studies, you’ll also need a notebook, journal, or blog to record your findings.

You will need an internet connection for receiving emails and accessing the full lesson each day.

Do the emails start straight away?

The emails don’t start until you tell them to. When you purchase the course you gain access to the entire course website and Library, and instructions for how to begin the email part of the course when you’re ready.

If you only want to use the Library for now, that’s fine – you don’t have to receive emails at all.

Where do the card meanings come from?

This is the ‘Little Red Tarot guide to the tarot’ so many of you have been asking for! 

The card interpretations in this course are my own – developed over years of working with my cards, studying traditional and radical reinterpretations, and discovering their applications in practice. If you’re a reader of my blog, Little Red Tarot, you’ll be familiar with my style and approach. I like to take traditional/mainstream card meanings, and look at how they manifest in modern life. This means some card meanings are not exactly as you would find in other books, but are instead a modern and accessible interpretation.

Every tarot reader will read the cards slightly differently. My aim (in this course and in all of my work) is not to give you a set of meanings to ‘memorise’, but to present the ideas, themes, and symbols that I find in each card, and encourage you to use these as a springboard for developing your own. This is something we go into deeper in the Alternative Tarot Course.

In terms of Thoth vs Waite schools of tarot, my interpretations more closely follow the Waite tradition.

Can I use any tarot deck?

Pretty much! Every deck presents a different set of symbols and ideas, but almost all follow a traditional structure. Provided your deck follows the 78-card system with Major and Minor Arcana and four suits, you will be able to follow the course and see how the card meanings here are expressed within your own deck.

The Wildwood Tarot is a popular example of a deck in which some cards have been radically re-interpreted, to the level where they are completely different to the ‘traditional’ card meaning. In cases like this, the deck’s guidebook may be used alongside the course to help find common threads. 

Is this a one-to-one course?

No. This is entirely a self-study course.

Are there videos or audio?

Not at the moment. Currently all course materials are written.

Is the course illustrated?

No. All course materials are very lightweight – just simple plain text. The tarot card in your hand provides the illustration for each page!

Is there an app?

Not yet, but this entire site is lightweight and mobile-friendly, so you will be able to use it on any internet-connected device, wherever you are. Lessons come through via email, and the library is a searchable guide to every tarot card, in your pocket!

Does this course work with the Alternative Tarot Course?

Yes! Both courses work independently, but if you wish to use the two together, they are designed to fit.

If you are currently taking the ATC, you can use this course to bring you your Daily Card by email (so you will be studying the cards in order), or you may discard the email element of the course and use the resource library to look up the meanings of your Daily Card each day.

You may also choose to take this course first to get a solid grounding and build your confidence around individual cards, then move on to the ATC in order to start developing your own tarot card meanings.

Who created this course?

I did! My name is Beth Maiden. I’m a professional tarot reader and the creator of popular tarot site Little Red Tarot, and the Alternative Tarot Course.

Need more pre-purchase info?

Click through to view the course Introduction.

Got a question that’s not answered here?

Email me: beth@littleredtarot.com. I’ll be happy to answer your pre-purchase queries!

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The gorgeous ‘Justice’ card shown in the header image on this site is from a forthcoming tarot deck by Trung Nguyen (used with permission)

Check out Trung’s work here!

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